Cork, pins, string and a few pictures (oh, and a wedding!)

I made a map on a cork board with pins showing where I slept, and string where I rode my bicycle. Then I took the map and a stack of newly printed pictures with me to the Danish Cyclist’s Federation’s shop in Copenhagen. This happened the other evening, when the shop was open late to give busy people the chance to buy Christmas present with a discount.

We served glögg (not ‘gulag’ as the auto correct keeps suggesting) and Christmas cookies, and though neither the shop nor my little exhibition/ask-question event in the back of the room were overrun with people, it was a good and fun experience. That shop is run by great people.

So we’re probably gonna do something similar this spring (maybe launched with a more traditional talk by me – about traveling alone) when the weather gets better and all the thoughts about riding a bicycle for days and weeks actually look realistic and feasible.

But first back to Croatia. I’m very honoured to have been invited to Monica and Matija’s wedding in a little village north of Zagreb this Saturday. Yeeehaw!