Is it not? Could it be? Oh, I think it is!

After more than a third of my expected years on this planet, I think it’s fair to say: I made it! Bypassing X Factor, Idols, The Littlest Groom and other Facebook update worthy tv shows, Sunday in the Croatian town Varazdin I took the first step into the promised land.

The cameraman recorded most of it on my iPhone, and the first video begins right after the local celebrity and anchorman has excused his rusty English (it wasn’t bad at all and any rustiness can probably be attributed to our consumption of Karlovačo the night before).

According to the head of all the technical stuff at Varazdin TV, the local tv station’s potential is a little less than a million people. It is the second biggest broadcaster in this region of Croatia, and a total of 34 people are working there (10 journalists). They dont get any exact numbers but his guess is, that around 150.000 people are watching a live show like this one.

I met Kristijan Petrovic in a little bar a few hundred meters from the rest of the town, where the yearly ten day Spancirfest was taking place. Having talked to several locals about ‘boring Varazdin’, I think it is safe to say that the festival is the event in Varazdin. Kristijan did a one and a half hour live show “every night”, he told me with as little enthusiasm as possible

To me, the festival was what kept me in town. I was only supposed to stay one night but ended up at this outdoor dance/techno party with the receptionist Iva from my hotel and her boyfriend Dino. Waking up after that experience, my body refused to go anywhere on a bicycle.

The next evening I showed stamina, courage and self-control, when I left Dino and his friends early in order to be ready for Zagreb next day. At the same time, it was pouring down, so after five minutes running from overhang to overhang, I made what was supposed to be a brief ‘one beer and then the rain will stop’ break. And then I met Kristijan. All dressed in black and alone. In the corner. Looking either depressed or sleepy. I ordered my one and only beer, asked him if he was alright, and while the two, young bartenders danced to incredibly loud Pitbull, we slowly started talking. Without asking he ordered me a beer, I had to return his favor and so on.

Kristijan has been the local anchorman for 15 years. He is also a standup comedian, and while a newspaper hanging above the bar showed his smiling face, a few young people came over to say hi or nick a cigarette while we where talking. Every time Kristijan politely smiled and kept his replies short. Very short.

He enjoys acting at the local theater more than being the local anchorman but what pumped up his enthusiasm and made his sentences as long as mine was vampires. Kristijan says he has 1942 books about vampires and the like, in Zagreb he’s doing lectures about these mythical beings and his favorite country is of course, Romania. He also told me that Dracula wasn’t really a vampire but I forget why.

And then he invited me to his show the next night. I had no idea what kind of show it was or that I was going to be on it. But I was, and though I haven’t yet felt the sweet life of fame and attention, I have high expectations for the future. Is it not? Could it be? Oh, I think it is!