Perfect evenings / Crushing Digits

The question I get most often, when I tell people about my journey, is: how many kilometers do you ride each day? It varies but I really like cycling in the late afternoon and early evening when the temperature is lower, there are less cars on the roads and my legs seem detached from my brain, so I often end up going longer than I plan in the morning. In the mornings I feel the excitement of a new adventure, so the worst time on the road is after the first 35-50 kilometers and lunch, when my stomach is full and my legs cannot decide between being tired or on a roll.

After a tough weekend in Vienna my shortest day on the bicycle was the 80 kilometers from Vienna to Bratislava (with a few detours), while my longest streak was 165 kilometers going from Ratzeburg to Havelberg in former East Germany. That day I started yawning before I really noticed how late it was.

My average is roughly 119 kilometers per day and my route from Aarhus in Denmark to Varazdin in Croatia has been 1782 kilometer long. My cycle computer says I’ve been pedaling for 86 hours, which I guess makes my average speed 20,7 km/h. Entering Varazdin on Friday was my 19th day after leaving Denmark, I’ve taken four days off and been on a train twice (Zielona Gora to Wroclaw and Brno to Vienna). Cheating bastard. A typical day on the road goes with six hours of riding and three hours rest.

The bicycle and my luggage weighs around 40 kilos, and with me that makes us a human train of 110-115 kilos. Downhill in southeastern Austria I think I just kissed 60 km/h (wearing a smile that must have made me look creepy), while I been as slow as 8-9 km/h uphill. Many times.

But that was flat Europe. Now comes the Croatian mountains.

Enough of this!