Rainer and the lone wolf

Five years ago, Rainer lost his daughter and wife. I have no idea how to do this story justice and I’ve thought about whether to write it at all. But it keeps on coming back to me.

His daughter was 20 years old, she studied law and the three of them were planning on going to Canada together. It was early spring and Rainer had told her wife to be careful on the slippery road that time a year. But, as he said while doing this rolling gesture with his hands, the car rolled over and they were gone. Like that.

- Something can’t be explained. Life goes on. It has to. It has to, he said.

Rainer was born in Czech Republic but with the help from his mothers German citizenship he got out of the Iron Curtain in 1982 and moved to Düsseldorf. He is only back in Brno this August to do the last paper work after his mothers death two months ago.

Despite the sad stories, Rainer was definitely not the ‘sad, lonely man in the bar’. I did meet him in a beer bar in the central Brno but it was me who approach him, offering him a cigarette. He declined but asked me if I spoke German. My German is rusty but as for most people beer cures, and we talked (and drank) for almost four hours. About Rainers love for the Danish society, system and especially the royal family. We also talked about my journey. Rainer called me the ‘lone wolf’ and was very impressed with my “courage to go alone”. Still, when I at some point after drinking maybe more than five and definitely more than four large Edelweiss asked him for his best advice to a 32-year-old man, it sounded quite different.

- Get married. Get a family. You have seen enough. USA, the Middle East and soon the most of Europe. It’s time to find a girl. And then you can take her with you. If you don’t fin her on your way though Europe, go home and find one.

Rainer himself says he is also an adventurer. But he is not going to make it to Canada, in this life. Instead, he plans on driving 8000 kilometers in Australia. I hope he goes.

(Life is serious, Rainer said when I showed him the picture above. Still, this picture is more how I remember life in Brno)