The route – and a chance to ask questions

Here’s my route drawn on a map. I don’t know how to embed the actual Google Map, so here’s just a screen dump.

I went from Copenhagen to Igoumenitsa in the northern Greece on my bicycle and then cycled and took trains (initially due to a deadline, and later because of an injury) from Bari and back to the Danish capital. In total my legs covered 4700 kilometres, while the whole route above is around 8000 kilometres long.

You can ask questions and hear more about traveling alone on a bicycle down through Europe, if you pass by Rømersgade 5 in Copenhagen on the 3rd of December. It’s going to be in the Danish Cyclist’s Federation’s shop. The manager of the shop has promised some great discounts, while I’m going to try to answer whatever questions you may have. In Danish or English (und vielleicht Deutsch?).

A very informal and hyggelig, pre-Christmas evening with loads of coffee and biscuits. And maybe even glögg! I hope to see you there.